Most Promising ICOs in 2018, a comprehensive list of  top Initial Coin Offerings

This article lists down a well-researched, curated list of the Most Promising ICOs in 2018.

Initial Coin Offering

In order to understand what ICO is and whether it is worth taking part in such projects, it is important to get used to the terminology. 

This abbreviation stands for Initial Coin Offering. Initial Coin Offering is a procedure is a way to attract investment capital.

The process consists in selling tokens interested in the project investors. 

In fact, it is an analogue of the IPO (the initial public offering of shares), but it has a number of significant differences:

  1. Legislative regulation of the ICO, similar to that existing for other forms of investment and other financial activities, is currently not available
  2. The purchase of tokens can provide investors with rights and opportunities that are significantly higher than those for those who buy shares in the traditional version.

ICO can also be divided into several stages.

  1. Pre-sale of coins at a reduced cost is carried out in the course of preICO and helps entrepreneurs to raise funds before the official process of initial placement of tokens, as well as to evaluate the interest of investors in the project.
  2. Crowdsdale is directly ICO, the official sale of tokens (it is a form of crowdfunding, namely, the financing produced collectively). 

The concept of ICO is inextricably linked with the industry of cryptocurrencies, the issue of tokens is carried out directly in the process of this event. They are distributed differently from the mining or forging method among persons interested in the project. Redemption of coins after a certain time is often guaranteed by the authors of the idea, which serves as additional evidence of the safety of investment.


The units of the proposed crypto currency are called "token" or "coin" and are most often valued in BTC or ETH, which are characterized by high liquidity ratios.

Attracting investors through ICO allows you to avoid the costs of popularizing the new cryptocurrency, it is enough to prove the effectiveness and relevance of the project itself.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is electronic currency, exchangeable via the internet, a computer, a cell phone or any computer devices that are connected to another. The exchange is peer-to-peer, without the intervention of a third party (such as a bank). The transactions are verified by a large, decentralized network of computers that ensure the integrity of the transactions.


In 2018, there are many cryptocurrencies circulation including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency today and although the price of Bitcoin has been falling since 2017, many financial experts feel that cryptocurrency popularity and vale will increase in the time to come.

Fueled by the popularity of Bitcoin, many other ICOs have been released and some new ICOs in 2018 are in the process of getting launched.

Some founders and investors have identified the most promising ICOs “Initial Coin Offering” which they believe will have the most impact in 2018.

The beginning of 2017 saw the emergence of several innovative companies that chose ICO's track given the increased challenges they face in terms of funding.

 In particular, those operating in the blockchain industry and the development of open source technologies.

Here are the top promising projects that have already raised funds via ICO or who plan to launch in 2018:


Cypherium ICO

Cypherium is the next protocol level of Blockchain technology, the successor to Ethereum. It's a highly scalable step that can handle thousands of transactions per second or more. It also has a multi-level governance system that is conducive to project evolution. A distributed version control is integrated to allow the evolution and the automatic update.



​​Rentberry​​​ is a long-term, decentralized rental platform that has been popular since 2015. The Rentberry platform has the power to automate the stages of the rental process, from signing contracts to paying rent. A saving of time and money for the tenant as well as the owner. In addition, Rentberry's blockchain technology and smart contracts offer tenants the opportunity to save thousands of dollars in rental security deposits.



Feelium offers a tokenized platform that will allow contractual transactions to become simpler and more secure. The platform eliminates the need for trust between buyers and sellers of products and services. By implementing the use of smart contracts, as well as an optional escrow account, the Feelium platform allows for secure and fast transactions. Feelium Coin is one of the most promising ICOs in 2018. 

The Feelium token is the motor of the platform, and all transactions will occur by the use of this token. Users will receive a Quick Access Token that is the key that allows token transfers and enables the user to move around the Feelium platform.


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Experty​​​ is a decentralized consulting platform that allows you to reliably and instantly locate and hire knowledge professionals for the time they spend on a call, without the intermediaries of a third party. The consultant sets his bet per minute and shares his Experty profile, wherever they are sold. A person who is looking for advice, contacts with them through this profile, and payment is made automatically through smart contracts for blocking.



NAU uses the growing use of mobile phones and geo-location data to connect retailers directly with their customers through digital coupons. They are aimed at foiling traditional, expensive advertising models, giving local businesses access to social referrals through the user's affiliate program. The NAU ICO is aimed at launching a new platform that will connect retailers and consumers in a unique way that has never been done before.



Coinlancer is a platform for freelancers based on Ethereum, based on an intelligent escrow system. Existing freelance markets have several shortcomings, including transaction fees of 15-20 percent and risks associated with payments and delivery. The Coinlancer system eliminates these problems using a peer review system and a significantly lower (3 percent) fee for each transaction.


Fanunite ICO

FansUnite​​​ is the first solution based on blockbuster rates, which is designed to solve real problems faced by players on the market today. Bettors refer to price, market choice, liquidity, and not to restrictions or restrictions, and also to security. These are the basic principles underlying the FansUnite, and these are all areas in which players get significant benefits by going to this platform.



​​LOCI​​​, a technology startup known for its DIY patent search tool, InnVenn, has improved its platform to allow the purchase and sale of intellectual property via its LOCIcoin tokens.

InnVenn facilitates the reporting and disclosure of innovation processes on the Ethereum platform in the quest for Loci to simplify and update the patent.

"Patenting a project is a complex, expensive and risky process, but blockchain technology can fix it. We have created a platform that gives the inventor a much faster and more secure alternative for making money, "says John Wise, CEO of Loci.



​​Trippki​​​ is a decentralized travel rewards protocol that aims to restore the relationship between hotels and their customers. Thanks to blockchain technology, Trippki increases the flexibility and versatility of travel reward programs that will make it possible to book airline tickets and hotel rooms.

CEO Ed Cunningham states, "People want more reward points trip, Trippki offers a new protocol that creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the customer and the hotel."



​​RightMesh​​​ is both a platform and a protocol that aims to change the way the world connects. Blockchain technology allows RightMesh networks to identify nodes with secure Ethereum accounts. In addition, tokenization helps develop the network by encouraging users to share the resources of their devices, such as the Internet, data and storage.

According to John Lyotie, "RightMesh is the first truly decentralized network. Our mission is to build global connectivity and overcome the obstacles of the last mile."



Amon​​​ provides users of the wallet with the ability to convert crypto currency into Fiat in real time using artificial intelligence. The owners of the tokens will receive a lot of bonuses, as well as they will be able to count on receiving revenues from the company's profits.

Amon wallet provides the ability to manage all crypts from one place - from an application with a pleasant and user-friendly interface. The developers promise to save users from the hassle of working with several wallets. You can send money directly to people and spend it on purchases using a phone or a special card.


Giftz provides its users with the ability to tokenize any business. To tokenize their goods and services to sell them as incentives on the exchange, just like airlines sell their miles.

Airlines earn more money by selling their miles to other companies to use them as incentives, which helps them in the success of the underlying business model. That's why we can earn miles buying food, "explains John Paukulis the owner of Giftz.



The Cedex team plans to open the first diamond exchange, which will operate on the basis of block-technology. Despite the high demand for diamonds, until now, most of it is provided by jewelry manufacturers. However, Cedex plans to make diamonds an investment tool, along with, for example, precious metals.

The exchange is designed to eliminate three problems, because of which the investment sites were not opened earlier. They are related to liquidity, standardization and opacity of diamond trade. That is, on the exchange, assets can be easily determined by cost, it is easy to sell them without losing funds and determine the value of the "commodity". Exchange on the site will be carried out using the CEDEX token.



The really promising ICO of 2018 is valued for its weight in gold. And they, as a rule, immediately attract the increased attention of potential investors. One of such projects is deservedly considered Envion. The company promotes the idea of high-tech extraction of crypto-currency using solar energy.

The developers intend to create a decentralized platform that will unite like-minded people into the global community and will connect highly intelligent mobile devices for mining, designed specifically to use the excess capacity generated by solar power plants. Thus, Envion will solve actual problems for the cryptographic world: large energy costs and disastrous impact on the environment.

Another advantage of the technology is the ability to use devices for the production of crypto currency. Finally, the unique technology is protected by a patent, so the risk of imitation is minimal.



Cointed has an important mission: the company decided to link the crypto-currencies with the real world. She has already installed a network of Crypto ATMs in Austria and a number of other European countries. Multifunctional devices are available in two versions and allow customers not only to convert the crypto currency using the CTD token, but also to change it to cash. Now it's as easy to use digital assets as a credit card.

Cointed is an operating organization, and its ATMs are already working, so we can say with certainty that the technology is financially stable. The company's founders plan to obtain a banking license in Austria, and then take the business to the international level.

Service BABB 


This platform offers access to the accounts and virtual wallet of the user, giving out the means in the format of interest to the user. The system aggregates settlement accounts in English banks, for which the company is currently a competitor of a banking license and other permits from the UK regulator – FCA.

This is an extremely interesting application, which surprisingly equalizes its capabilities as a private user (individuals), and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. The main bonuses of using this platform are:

-Reduction of costs.

-Maintaining user control over their data.



In general, Pundixx is the world's largest network of converting fiat currency into cryptocurrency (and vice versa). The task of the project is to make conversion operations more popular, and for this they need to be removed from the unwieldiness and, if possible, combined with existing banking information channels.

How is that possible? By linking cryptocurrency wallets to payment cards

The project will earn on easy commissions on transactions (naturally), and the direct product provided to the user is an application on the phone, which makes it possible to form translations quickly and easily. The project implies the availability of:

-Multi-currency purse , containing both cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

-"Pundi X Pass" card, replenished at retail points (their organization is also provided for in the project).



Now it's time to separate the grain from the chaff. In the context of this project, it has become very significant that the cryptocurrency has not yet been widely recognised as a means of payment and, as a consequence, is not fully subject to control by monetary and fiscal authorities. As a consequence, the FOREX-broker of the same name is forced to create a new project dedicated specifically to the cryptocurrency market.

The seriousness of the project is confirmed by an inscription made in small print at the bottom of the screen ("Our services are not available to US residents"). The fact is that "Uncle Sam" cannot stand when his residents are invested in obscure assets in the desire to avoid taxes. So this indirectly indicates the focus of the organizers for a long time.

The essence of the project is very classical - the provision of services for access to the market of fiat and cryptocurrencies.



Scorum (application) is more aimed at the fans. Now you cannot just scream in the air, looking at the success of your favorite team, and earn real money! True, for this you will first have to earn some internal rating, and then for interesting comments, original photos and other interesting content, the user can receive the domestic currency (exchanged, however, and for the fiat).

The platform has its own analytical tools for forecasting. In short, now everyone can become a sports commentator! And of course a full range of possibilities for tracking sports events. Surprisingly, all this is also carried out with the help of blocking technology. It is with its help that it is possible to introduce market principles for the formation of estimates, comments of publications, forming a reward for their authors. This platform, like no other resource, allows you not so much to share your impressions, how much to participate in the formation of your own media space. The apogee of a free society on a sports basis!

Promising ICOs in 2018

Cryptocurrency has immense benefits to all industries.

Bitcoin already has a capitalization of almost 200 billion dollars. It is growing strongly and is becoming increasingly accepted as a means of payment and as a safe haven. But it is only the emerging face of this new phenomenon.

You can gain by investing in these upcoming promising ICOs in 2018 and becoming a part of the blockchain revolution.

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