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Desktops are passé. It is estimated that India will have 200 million plus smartphone users by the end of 2016. Almost everyone now surfs websites on their smartphones and tablets. Since there is a constraint of display size on mobile devices, there is a different, yet novel approach that is adopted for laying out content and design that is optimized for any screen size, big or small. With newer mobile devices released everyday, screen sizes will keep changing. It is, therefore, important that your website adapts to all screen sizes in a seamless manner.

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Did you know a Mobile Optimized, Responsive website is an important ranking factor for your website?

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Spare me the jargon!

In simple words, a ‘responsive’ website means that the website is able to adjust its design, content and layout as per the size of the screen on which it is being viewed – from a mobile browser on a smartphone to all the way up to a HDTV. This concept gained popularity as soon as smartphones became popular. HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap also helped web-designers immensely in deliver mobile-optimized websites. The future is exciting and the possibilities with websites are endless.

What are the benefits of a mobile-friendly website?

Statistics show that mobile now accounts for more than 25% of traffic that is coming to your website. You risk loosing 1/4th of your potential customers if you don’t have a responsive, ‘mobile-friendly’ design in place. GetPromoted, a bespoke Website Development company in Gurgaon, designs interactive websites that adapt their design and display on all devices, from large HD screens to smartphones. Uncluttered, intuitive design methodology is used by our website designers to ensure that each webpage communicates and appeals to the visitor as intended. This means you can reach out to everyone, on any device, to every potential customer!

  • Going beyond designing for 4 corners: We have been designing award-winning websites for more than 9 years now. We design our website by thinking beyond the four corners of screens, this helps us future-proof your website and also makes it stands apart in terms of design and user experience (UX).
  • High performance: What does a website have to do with performance? Well, a lot actually! Our html5 website designers develop websites with page-speed and coding quality in mind. The website should load as quickly as possible when anyone visits it and our team gives priority to this.
  • Cross browser support: GetPromoted is the only Website Design Company in Gurgaon that has the complete Apple device repository for testing websites on actual devices. Our websites are designed to work great with a variety of browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. We do checks on all operating systems including iOS, Windows 10 and Android.
  • Fluid width: By using a grid based on fluid percentages, you don’t have to worry about a new device’s screen-size breaking your website.
  • Device friendly: The goal with all of our websites is that they are device agnostic. This means your users have a great experience no matter what device they use. We optimize the website for horizontal and vertical mobile view so that the visitors get a optimal browsing experience and they can easily access the information they want on the website.
  • Designed for real people: We design our websites for real people. This may sound weird but it is crazy how many times we’ve seen a website that doesn’t meet your user’s basic need. Each design is carefully thought through and customized to suit YOUR target customers. Our habit of giving attention to this detail has made us one of the best Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon.
Why hire GetPromoted as your web-design Agency?

GetPromoted team of expert developers and professional designers have hands-on expertise on Abobe Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, WordPress and other CMS platforms. We are also proficient in responsive frameworks and Bootstrap frameworks. This enables us to deliver the best of the breed web development services. Irrespective of whether the web-design project is big or small, experienced team of web-designers put in their best foot forward to create an eye pleasing and revenue generating website that will help you establish your brand in the industry.

We truly understand our client’s requirements and we create exceptional online experiences that promise business growth. In addition it should be noted that minor updates for websites are done at no additional costs and SEO consultation is offered to clients.

Professional After-Sales Service

The quality of our customer service is unmatched. Customers get prompt and friendly service after website go-live. You will get the best value for their money when you associate yourself with GetPromoted.
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Economical web-design packages

Why go for pirated Responsive Website templates? We will design a Responsive website at half the cost! Our package also includes free hosting for 1 year and other goodies like adding Google Analytics and Google Webmasters.
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Website Testing and SEO

Each website developed by us goes through a stringent Quality Control(QC) process. This ensures that the final product not only looks stunning, it's also bug-free. Onsite SEO factors are taken into consideration so that your website does not have any issues that might hamper its SEO activity.
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