Content Writing Tips followed by expert Content Writers

Many of us face a writer's block when it comes to content writing. Content can make or break your marketing campaign. Effective copy-writing goes a long way in creating a solid image for your brand.

How to write good content and what to do when you suffer from the occasional writers-block?

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Writers Block

In this useful content creation guide, I will share practical tips on content writing. These tips and tricks are followed by expert content marketing experts to come up with content in a fast manner without wasting too much of time.  

Creating good articles, or content for website, blog-posts will become really easy for you if you follow these tips:

Practical tips to make you a Content Marketing Expert

  1. Decide if you are writing for a brand or if you are writing a generic article. If you are writing for a brand need to ensure that the article is not very commercial and retains user interest. If it’s a generic article make sure you sharing relevant useful information that does not sound like as if you are trying to upsell anything.
  2. Make sure your language is serious sincere and enthusiastic. Explain an interesting point like an icing on the Cake. 
  3. Doing research gathering fact is a good way to add weight to your article, however, do not copy and paste exactly the same verbiage from old case studies.
  4. Structure your article properly. The beginning should be fast and the end should be powerful. Take into account the importance of reader’s priorities, bold and highlight the important and sections of your article.
  5. Use numbers and bulleted lists wisely. An average of 3 to 7 points is the best ratio. However, as is evident with this list itself, its better to use your judgement as per the topic covered. 
  6. Use a passionate rather than a flamboyant approach towards writing. Unconventional forms of writing can sometimes be risky as they can be easily misunderstood.
  7. Use your own style of writing. Write down your true feelings and do not imitate the style of any other person. Writing in your style is the easiest most effective.
  8. Dare to write, write right, write more, and write well.
  9. Begin with the thought that your content could be shared across multiple platforms on the Internet.
  10. Begin with the thought that your content should be used on the official website, on corporate brochures, in award functions speeches or even other in advertising copy.
  11. Do not bore your visitors with the same style of copywriting. However, keep things consistent in form of typography and content layout.
  12. Adding opinions of industry experts in your write-up adds a lot of credibility to your content.
  13. Take one day to search for the material, one day to think, one day to write and one day to proofread your article. This is the rhythm most successful blog writers follow.
  14. Do not load your article with too many figures or statistics.
  15. Try not to overhype if you are writing advertising copy.
  16. Split your content into short paragraphs. No one likes to read long 20 lines paras.
  17. Use headlines judicially. Place your Gold sentences in strategic positions within your content.
  18. Briefly mention other topics that are related to the main topic of your content.
  19. It's said an image can be worth a 1000 words. Use images as an effective medium if your copy demands it. 
  20. Use tools like Grammarly to proof-read your content. 

Many of my blog subscribers ask me 'How to create good content?' or 'What are the best tips to handle writers block?'. These content writing tips will help you in creating good copy for your webpages, blog-posts, articles or ad-copy.  

There's a fine line between 'OK content' and 'awesome content' and these tips will be beneficial for your content marketing strategy.