4 Digital Marketing Trends you cannot Ignore Anymore

2017 has been a year of Digital Marketing and looking at new ways to increase your brand presence across the internet.

With half of the year gone by, here are some fresh ideas and trends on major digital marketing that you should be looking at in the near future.

Here are the 4 main trends we have selected for your next actions of web marketing:

1st Trend: Strengthening & customising your marketing campaigns

Digital tools have made data recovery and big data crunching easier. It is therefore become critical to know the knowledge of the habits and expectations of your customers and be one step ahead of completion by offering novel and new offers or schemes.


Many companies are focusing on the type of content their target segment is reading. When are they reading the content and at what frequency. Shopping behaviour and behaviour on social networks is also being monitored across platforms to catch the pulse of the market before anyone else does.

This data analysis is immensely helpful in finding out customer behaviour and also better understand what goes inside the mind of the consumer when he is about to make the purchase decision. In addition to this, it also helps a company focus on those communication channels and social media platforms that are getting them more traction and social media signals.

Backed with the data and tools, you now have the power to offer relevant and targeted content, thereby maximising your chances of buying your product or service at the end of the purchasing process.

Trend 2: Increase your Brand authenticity

Authenticity is the key to creating solid engagement and increasing your client network. One of the most common term I hear is ‘Content is king?’Yes, buts it’s not THAT SIMPLE!

Do you think it’s enough to hire a writer and publish content in mass? No it’s not enough. If you follow this approach you are basically waiting for people to read it and then finally waiting for them to convert into customers


Here’s a power tip – Companies generating quality leads online are offering highly relevant and very high quality content. But they are doing one more thing in addition to this. They are projecting themselves as an organisation or a brand that values customer feedback more than anything else. Companies are going out of the way to exceed customer expectation because they know that building trust is more important than building sales.

Every Customer is looking for authenticity. It’s evident from the fact that bot based or standard replies by customer support on twitter or other social media channels get a lot of negative publicity and a direct human based approach like amazon or KFC go a long way in establishing brand trust. Believe me, no automated reply tool can replace the magic that the Human touch has.

3rd trend: Virtual reality –isn’t it too early?

Well, you might argue on this one. Many feel that VR is still in nascent stage and 2016 is too early to be looking at it from the marketing perspective. Think again! A virtual reality headset is not as expensive as it was 2 months back and this technology is now almost everywhere.

At a time when consumers are becoming increasingly demanding, it is a marketing trend that you can no longer ignore.


Just to give an example, New York Times distributed Google Cardboard VR Sets to subscribers of the print edition so that they can discover a series of four reports in virtual reality.

4th Trend: Wearable’s and Other Connected Devices


Like many of the innovations, Apple has taken the initiative first on this trend. Although many players like FitBit, Samsung or Sony were already present in the segment of such devices, it was the Apple Watch that shook this market and revitalized it.

In fact, most of the new innovations in mobile technology at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2016 show were devoted to wearable, Virtual Reality and other connected devices.

It’s not long before wearable’s become a daily part of our life as smartphones.

Wearable’s now come Equipped with sensors to monitor our health,or help us drive a car or appliances that can communicate between themselves.The possibilities are endless and this stuff is no longer a part of science fiction.

Looking at these 4 digital marketing trends and implementing them in your plan will help you stay ahead of the completion. After all, everyone follows the leader!


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I look forward to your comments your feedback on how you have implemented these trends or how you plan to implement them in the very near future.