Disadvantages of free website, do-it-yourself website and free hosting

Many hosting providers provide free web hosting and free websites with sub domain names. These website seem free but in reality they cost lot of money, time, and customers. Consider the following points mentioned below and you will realize that a free website is not a great option to consider if you want to make a good presence on the internet through your web design.

  1. Free Hosting has limited bandwidth: Free web-hosting offers very less bandwidth. This means it will take longer for your web-pages to load. If a page takes more than 10 seconds to load, your visitors will move on. Limited bandwidth will cause major decline in the average time by visitors on your website, resulting in loss of sales. Consider calling GetPromoted, a professional website design company that offers custom web design services at great prices.
  2. Free Website will have Advertising:Majority free websites will have pop-up ads, banner ads that are not in your control running on your website. Most visitors get turned off by it and it gives a very bad impression of an external ad running on your website. GetPromoted, Web Design Company in Gurgaon can provide a professional website at great prices.
  3. Free websites will have limited Web Space:You don’t get a whole lot of web space with a free website or free hosting. If you decide to increase the number of pages on your website, you might notice that space constraints are not allowing you to do so.
  4. Questionable Reliability:There have been many instances when free hosting or free websites have suddenly shut down without prior notice. Few companies even resort to sending Payment Due bills without any intimation so reliability is a major factor when it comes to free websites or free hosting.
  5. Website Functionality Limitations–:Each free website provider has its own rules regarding the photos, icons, embedding, etc. that you can upload. This makes designing the site extremely difficult as per desired vision and one has to forego many useful features that help in generating visitor confidence.

There are many other reasons why free web hosting or free websites may be technically free, but it costs more money in the long run. Always consider calling a professional website design company for your web-design needs., says Nitin Jain, CEO of GetPromoted.