Facebook Storefront Reviews & Apps

Facebook Storefront solutions Reviews – Social media has proved to be a game changer in internet industry that has changed everything. It has not only bettered the lives of billions of social media users globally, but has also affected the business world profoundly.

With the other users, internet retailers are also enjoying the benefits of social media in the form of their expanded business opportunities.

As the world is shifting to social media, commerce has also shifted. Social commerce is selling if products with the help of social media. It gives business owners an opportunity to spread out their business by contacting more and more users on social sites. With the increased users of Facebook and other social sites, business owners can think one step ahead of just promotion and advertisements on social networks. They can plan different strategies to directly sell their products and services on these social networking sites via effective storefronts.

With so many social sites available on internet, Facebook is one of the biggest opportunity providers to merchants in social commerce field. Currently almost 50,000 Facebook stores are there and number is still growing more with more stores coming up every day. But a big problem that every internet retailer has to face is how to switch to Social/F commerce from E-commerce?

How to sell on Facebook?

First of all you need to understand that selling on Facebook storefront is completely different from promotion on Facebook. Certainly Facebook is the largest and most beneficial platform to use direct selling strategy. Today’s retailers have many options to apply their strategies. Some of the widely used social commerce solutions to sell products on FB storefront are:

  1. Ecwid
  2. Big Commerce
  3. Shop Visible
  4. Muncom
  5. VenderShop

Understand the advantages and challenges

Before engaging in social storefront’s business merchants should know the advantages and challenges related to the selling and promotion of products on social storefronts.

Most important benefit you get from the Facebook promotion is the trust of people in your product. On Facebook consumers can see the opinions of other consumers and build their decision based on the comments only. Here you need to focus on your product instead of convincing people because that work will be done by the comments posted by the satisfied consumers.

Chances of your extensive audience reach also increases with the Facebook stores. Fans which, already like your products and talk about your product will glad to know that they can now share and buy your products directly from your store.

Likes of your products are shared on the users walls and in turn it will be shared with their other friends as well. This chain will continue to grow and as a result you will get a wide audience.

Potential buyer can get all the details on the FB storefront with the description. This helps the customer take quick decision with all the needed information available on one page only. They don’t need to click on different links.

A social store front works as the logical extension of your business.

Though there are many advantages from the social storefronts like wide spread of your products on the web, still there are some challenges related to social storefronts that you must consider while starting your Facebook storefront.

With so many companies working on FB storefronts, it might be very challenging for you to enter into the social commerce and snatch your share.

Once you start your store, you need to keep your customers updated with an up to date catalogue, which is a very time consuming task.

You need to come up with innovative, interactive and useful ideas every time to bring your customers back to your brand page. You can’t bring them back every time by just driving the products in their newsfeed. It would rather make them run from your social storefront.

If you want your F commerce store to be successful, set goals before making any strategy. For example, do you want your storefront to just promote your products or want that people buy your products? With the clear goals and objectives you will be able to make strategies on the basis of available options in the market.

Be Informed About the Vendor

Every social commerce site is different from other. Like other service or product platform every social commerce site has its own unique rules and regulations.

For instance, on Facebook all the transactions can be completed entirely on Facebook only with its commerce Payment platform, while some platforms drive the customers to the seller’s e-commerce page. The Payvment solution provides many benefits to the user like social sharing opportunities, product management, order and payments support. Basically it has three services- free, premium and platinum. All the three services have different features like number of stores, administrators on every account, support type and the way in which a seller can promote products to the fans.

ShopIgniter offers another bunch of features to Facebook storefronts. It gives them a competitive sales edge by allowing the fans to make purchases on Facebook only.

ShopIgniter provides the F commerce retailers easy control on trading of the products with tools to manage pricing, collection, inventory, segmentation and a social product launch feature. With the help of ShopIgniter fans can come to know about any new launch earlier than other consumers.

Shoutlet is also one of the solutions retailers get on F commerce. It is different from the other social commerce platforms because it doesn’t allow fans to purchase within FB, but takes them back to retailer’s site for shopping and sharing.

Shoutlet is following this approach because it understands the value of money invested by the merchandiser on his website and wants them to get return on their investment, instead of compelling them to pay to new vendor.

Let It Be Social Only

When you create F-commerce store don’t forget that Facebook is still a social networking site. Retailers can use the social network to sell products and services, but should not hamper the main objective of website that is to bring people together to connect and build relationships.

Merchants should make sure that their Facebook storefront is not disrupting the Facebook page. For this they should make their Facebook pages instructive and value provider for users.