Google Comes-Up with Rank Modifier Algorithm

In a latest move in the arena of search engine Google has come-up with a latest algorithm titled “Rank-Modifying Spammers Patent”.

This algorithm is meant to trick and game webmasters and link builders who are building links for their website vigorously. According to this algorithm google will rank your website high on the search engine ladder page initially for your link building activities however it will be a “False positive” and Google will use this to collect information about your link building activities. For example if you did some black-hat techniques or automated directory submission you will be ranked high on the search engine result page, once you are confirmed that your techniques are working you will definitely do them more vigorously. Once you do it more vigorously Google will track the pattern and gather information about your whole activities.

After getting confirmed that you are indulged in active link building practice it will than devalue your whole link building practice. So, ultimately all activities that helped you rank high on SERP after few month same practices will put you below the search engine ladder.

So, it is basically a method to track and trick webmasters so that they can’t manipulate Google’s mechanical ranking algorithm.

What are the remedies:

Link building ought to be commensurate with the time taken to build links

  • We want to avoid aggressive link building
  • We want to keep a variety on our link building campaign
  • We want to acquire anchor text variation l
  • We want to get a variation in our link building portfolio like profile linking, do-follow links, no-            follow links etc.
  • We want to avoid footer linking

Some links that can help us get this whole algorithms: