Google Panda Update 20 – Exact Match Domain Update – EDM

On September 27th 2012, Google launched a new panda algorithm update termed as Exact Match Domain Update- EDM. As it was Google’s 20th panda update it was named as Panda 20. The significant Panda update has impacted 2.4% of English queries that can be increased more with some more updates in coming days. This update has resulted in major loss of rankings for domains that were getting ranked just because of the similarity of the domain name with the searched keyword. As per Nitin Jain, CEO of GetPromoted, This EDM Google Algorithm update is no surprise and it was long overdue.

As said by Google’s spokesperson, this is actually is Panda Algorithm update, not just a simple data update. The major impact of this update is only on English queries, which is about 2.4% while other languages had minor impact of only 0.5%.

Exact Match Domain Update

The announcement in the latest update was to reduce Exact Match Domains, affecting low quality exact match domain results. This update was basically targeted on the low quality websites that get high page ranks just because of their domain names. Only exact domains with good quality and updated content were predicated valuable and didn’t get affected by the latest Panda Algorithm update. Numerous sites that lack quality and content, but had good reputation because of exact match domain have got hit worst.

EDM Google algo

According to Google spokesperson Matt Cutts, the update will have very minor impact only up to 0.6%, but we can see the real results.

There is still more to come in addition to this update, where Google promises to bring more to this Panda algorithm update in next 3-4 days.