The goal of this Guest Blogging Opportunities Guide is to offer you some of my own experiences on " guest blogging best practices" when trying to utilize this powerful marketing method so that you can get the very best results possible from your guest blogging activity.

Guest blogging has great potential. Unfortunately, most authors fail to identify the right blogs and end up getting their content published on low-quality blogs or the content never gets published.

Effective blogging outreach can rapidly build a network of high quality links pointing to your  website as well as sending a significant number of new visitors your way. Having your blog post featured on a high traffic blog, you will also be able to leverage your social media connections. I have personally found that my guest blog posts have received far more retweets and Facebook likes on average than the posts I do on my own blog.

In short, guest posting is a free and powerful way to quickly expand your reach within your niche. But for all these benefits becoming successful at guest blogging can also be a frustrating and time-consuming business.

How To Find Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

You may, from time to time, stumble across a blog or website which accepts guest blog posts in your normal day-to-day surfing but if you want to get serious about finding guest blogging opportunities then we really need to get proactive.

There are two main types of websites that you should be looking at.

  1. The first type of websites are the ones that are actively looking for guest bloggers to contribute to their site.
  2. The second group are sites that aren't actively looking for guest contributions.

Whilst one can have some success from approaching authority sites in your niche and offering them articles to publish it's generally quicker and easier to start off by targeting sites that are already looking for guest posts from people just like you.

Fortunately, there are a number of tools you can use to find good quality blogs that accept posts from outside authors.

Open up a fresh text document on your computer so you can save all the potential guest blogging opportunities that you find and let's get doing some research!

The sites which accept guest articles use a range of specific words and phrases and so searching for these, in combination with your niche, can yield a surprising number of potential opportunities.

Using Google Search to find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Here are a list of search terms to try to help you gather a list of potential targets. Simply swap the "your niche" part for a broad phrase related to the topic of your website (such as heath, education, fashion, web-design):

"submit article" + your niche
"submit your article" + your niche
"add article" + your niche
"add an article" + your niche
"guest post" + your niche
"guest posting" + your niche
"contribute" + your niche
"guest article" + your niche
"guest blog" + your niche
"guest blogging" + your niche
"guest posting" + your niche

Guest Blogging using Google

Use Google to find Guest Blogging opportunites

Visit each of the sites you turn up and save them into your text file for future reference.

How To Assess Your Potential Guest Blogging Targets

Writing great quality articles takes time and effort and so it makes perfect sense to try and get the very best return for your work.

In this section, we're going to look at ways to take a list of potential guest blogging opportunities and decide exactly which targets to go after first.

Guest Blogging Secret 1: Not All Blogs Are Equal

Check Blog Quality

In a perfect world, we'd have an unlimited supply of top-quality articles and we could submit them to every site available. However,  this isn't the case.

Not only do you likely only have so many ideas for articles but writing them and submitting them takes time.

The range of blogs that accept guest posts cover the entire spectrum of the blogosphere from low traffic, low trust sites that are really just looking for free content up to giant behemoths of sites that can send literally hundreds of visitors to your website over night.

Therefore, it's important to carefully select which websites and blogs you will submit your content to.

Now that we understand this, let's look at how to select the ideal targets for your articles.

Guest Blogging Secret 2: Niche Proximity

Industry Niche

When assessing guest posting opportunities consider how closely related your target sites are to your own. If you find a site that receives a lot of traffic yet seemingly their viewpoint on the subject or the general topics they cover are very different to your own then it's likely that very few of their readers will actually link the link in your bio file and come to visit your site. And of those that do, many of them may not like what
they find.

Focusing on finding sites that are very similar to yours and that have a readership that would genuinely be interested in the content of your site can greatly help to improve the results you get from your guest blogging.

Guest Blogging Secret 3: Traffic Levels

In general the more traffic that a website you feature on receives the more readers will click your link and come to visit your site.

Use the Alexa website traffic tool to compare the traffic levels between the different sites you're considering submitting content to in order to see which ones are likely to send you the most traffic.

Alexa Toolbar

Use Alexa toolbar

Guest Blogging Secret 4: Comments

The next step in finding good blogs for guest writing opportunities is to look at the following things

  1. How engaged is the audience at the various websites or blogs that you are considering?
  2. Does each article have a noticeable lack of comments or are the readers of that blog interacting and leaving plenty of comments and opinions?
  3. Overall, are these comments smart, educated and meant with well-intention. Or are they mostly negative, cynical and argumentative?

Generally speaking, the a website or blog that gets more comments should be considered as a good target for guest blogging. More comments not only indicate a wide audience reach, it  also suggests that the blog readers care about the subject,  and are likely to click the link to your site. 

Comments on a Post

Check comments from old posts

Guest Blogging Secret 5: Authority

Understanding the "authority" of a site can be rather more difficult than just comparing traffic levels or looking at comment numbers. An authority site is one that is trusted by Google and as a result receives significant amounts of traffic from them.

It's one with a high Domain Authority(DA) that receives top search engine rankings for almost any phrase it goes after. Getting even a handful of links from sites like these can have a massive effect on the results of your own website because these links can help to suggest to Google that if Google trusts these sites, and these sites trust you, then maybe Google should trust you a little more too.

Whilst the results are unlikely to be instantaneous, over the long term these kind of "authority links" can add up and really help you to rank well in the search engines for all sorts of keyword phrases leading to an ever-increasing tide of traffic flowing towards you.

Download Moz Toolbar to analyze the domain authority of a website or a blog. Generally speaking, websites with high DA are a good pick for guest blogging. 

Use Moz Toolbar to find Domain Authority of the website.

Guest Blogging Secret 6: Bio File

Author Bio for Blog

On each of the websites shortlisted for guest blogging opportunity, try to find some guest posts that have already been published and take a look at the bio files of these guest bloggers.

An important secret that many people over-look when considering guest blogging is to take a look at the bio files that your potential targets allow you.

Some websites will permit just a sentence, right down at the very bottom of your article. It's better than nothing but it's hardly going to drive the maximum amount of traffic possible to your site. Others allow a few sentences, at the top and/or bottom of your blog post and will even include a picture of you to help draw attention to your link.

Weigh up the alternatives as a way to see which style of bio is likely to draw the most clicks to your website.

How To Get Your Guest Posts Approved

Read the Blog!

The first thing you want to do when you're considering writing a guest post for a blog is to take the time to actually read the blog you want to be featured on.

Read Archives

Useful power guest blogger tip:

Don't just read the last few posts, go deep into the archives.

The reasons for really studying the blog you want to target are threefold. 

  1. Firstly you want to take a look at the overall style of writing on the site. Is it chatty or fact-based? Is it personal or professional? Is it funny or serious? Try to get an understanding of the style of post that subscribers to the blog are familiar and comfortable with so you can try to match this "voice" in your own post.
  2. Secondly keep in mind the topics covered on your target blog. You want to be creating a post to submit that fits within the overall theme of that site but that hasn't been covered yet (or at least not recently, or in the words you're going to use). In other words you post must offer value - it must offer readers of the blog something new yet still on-point.
  3. Thirdly and finally, pay particular attention to any previously-published guest blog posts that you find on the site. Notice the topics they cover, which writers have been accepted and how readers have responded to them in the comments section. Doing this will give you a better understanding of what the blog's subscribers look for in a post and also gives you a firm indication of the type of post that the blog owner feels is worthy of publishing.

Follow The Guidelines

While not all blogs offer up guidelines for potential guest posters, many of the larger blogs do indeed offer information to prospective posters. These can range from useful tips and advice through to rules that must not be broken.

If you find any such guidelines then carefully digest them, taking notes where necessary and/or saving the page into you favorites so it is easy to return back to in the future.

Remember, that if the blog you're targeting states that guest submissions must be in the form of a Word document you're going to significantly reduce your chances of success if you submit your post in plain text format. 

Obey Blog Rules

In other words, don't just "read" the guidelines but stick to them.

Do Your Keyword Research

A good blog post manages to appeal to both readers and search engines so once you've got some ideas for the topic of your blog post try carrying out some keyword research to help you plan an article around keywords and phrases that, thanks to the authority of these blogs, should generate significant search engine traffic once your post is published.

You can read more about keyword research in the Comprehensive Digital Marketing Guide published on GetPromoted's blog.  

Do keyword research

Mastering the skill of keyword research will help in increasing your content readership.

Write The Best Damn Post You've Ever Written!

Now you're ready to write your post. But this shouldn't be just any old post.

Remember that these high-traffic blogs get so many visitors primarily because they offer content that is much better than most of their competitors. And, if they're going to maintain those results they need to maintain the quality of content they accept.

Furthermore, high-traffic blogs receive huge numbers of guest post submissions each week so they can afford to be picky about what they publish and what they refuse.

Both of these points mean that your article needs to be the very best article you've ever written. No compromise!

Make it so good that you get annoyed with yourself that you can't publish it on your own site. Make it so good people would pay good money just to read it.

Impress your Readers!

Read the article multiple times as a reader. Try to judge if the content would impress the reader within the first few seconds. 

Make the headline catchy and interesting so that it your article captures attention from the start. 

Edit Your Post Like A Demon

A polished article doesn't just come from high-quality writing but just as much from high-quality editing.

Try reading through your post to ensure it all makes sense. Correct any clumsy language. Consider the order of your points to ensure it reads smoothly. Remove any word or sentence that really doesn't need to be there. If it doesn't significantly add to your message then cut it.

This can be a tough process as you voluntarily dump pieces of your article but is essential if you want to really have the best post possible ready for submission.

Create a Benefit-Driven Author Bio

The main point of having a guest post published is that you get to include a sentence or two about yourself and your site together with a link in the hope that a percentage of readers will end up clicking the link and visiting your site.

If your article is good then you will have already impressed your readers so now you need to give them a reason to visit your site. And by a reason I mean you need to promise a benefit to readers who visit your site.

You know the score by now I'm sure. Offer them a free ebook, the chance to enter a competition, access to another related article that you have published on your site and so on.

Be Patient

By now your article should be ready to submit so follow the guidelines for submission and then sit back and be patient. As mentioned earlier many high traffic blogs receive masses of submissions so it may take a while for the blog owner (or one of their team) to get back to you. This is where patience is required if you're not going to spoil your chances by emailing the blog owner every day asking if they've had a chance to look at it yet.

If you're struggling then now may be a good time to start working on another guest post for the next blog on your "hit list" to keep your mind active.

Bonus Tips for Advanced Guest Blogging

Bonus Tip 1: Boost Their Revenue

One bonus tip worth considering is that if you mention any resources in your guest post, such as products or services that will help your readers to accomplish a task. Consider including a note with your submission about any affiliate program that exists for that resource and if so provide a hyperlink to the signup page.

While this won't work in every niche, nor with every blog, it can be an added bonus for the blogger to whom you are submitting your post to. He will not only receive a free article to publish, but also has the chance of making some affiliate commissions from it too.

Bonus Tip 2: Keep Accurate Records

Even with these tips you're unlikely to get 100% of your posts accepted. At least not right away. As you submit guest posts, keep a file on your computer that tells you which post you submitted to which blog and on what day. This means that if weeks go by without any kind of response it's possible to send a polite and professional follow-up. It also means that if your post gets declined on blog 1, you can go and offer it to another blog instead.

Bonus Tip 3: Use the power of Social Media

You won't believe the success I have had by exploring blogging opportunities on Social Media! Contacting other bloggers on Twitter, LinkedIn over the past year has helped me in building a great network on like minded and high quality bloggers. I always make it a point to thank the blogger and his/her team on my social media accounts along with a link to the article. This way, I am helping the blog in getting some new visitors and also building a personal rapport with the blogger for future opportunities for publishing my guest posts. 

Guest Blogging in 2018

Guest Blogging and Blog outreach have massive potential to increase your SERPs and also they help in getting you more exposure for your products and services. 2018 will see further growth in guest posts as more and more blogs look to add quality content on their website. 

With proper planning and using this 'Guest Blogging Opportunities Guide', you can achieve success in getting your articles published on high quality blogs.