Easy to understand guide for On-Page, Off-Page SEO

In continuation to my last post, Sitemap helps the search engine to index your website.

These actions are even more important if the site or the domain is newly established. Use Google Webmasters to speed up the Google indexing process of your website. Don’t use any bulk search submission tools!

Once the site is indexed, you need to start work on its SERP positioning, or the position within the search results page of keywords related to the site.

guide to on page seo

After Google’s Spider, another key component of the search engine comes into play, that is, the algorithm. But what is its function and what are the factors that influence it for positioning a keyword within a search engine?

It is the famous one million dollar question, simply because not all the laws that govern the operation of the algorithm have been unveiled to the public. Therefore, one can only speculate, through empirical evidence, what factors have the greatest impact on the positioning of certain search words.

on page seo guide

It is very important to note that some very-evident factors are shared publicly directly by Google in its various blogs, YouTube channels. Google does this because they also want to improve the quality of websites, with the aim of providing more and more results corresponding to information required by the end-user.

To date, the main factors that influence the placement, can be divided as:

  • On Page Factors – namely regarding the technical features of the web site pages.
  • Off Page Factors – derived from activities conducted outside the site. Lorem ipsum

Currently, the main on-page SEO factors are:

  1. Keyword optimization in title tag and meta description tag
  2. Optimization of header tags
  3. Using a “talking” URL
  4. Keyword density in the content
  5. Page Speed, Mobile friendliness

Since search engines also consider other factors, such as the popularity of the website or its reputation online, it is important to consider the actions to be performed outside the site. These activities serve beneficial not only for the search engines, but also for directly promoting your website to online customers.

The main off-page factors that can affect the Search Engine in a positive way are:

  1. Contributing as Subject Matter Expert (SME) on premium websites of your industry
  2. Quality of back-links : Yes, it counts!
  3. Using landing pages
  4. article marketing and press releases
  5. interviews on other websites, with other bloggers or websites of the same topic.
  6. Social media marketing
  7. Citations

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Backlinks, are nothing more than links that point to a given website. This term does not define only sites in the blogroll, or list of links to websites or blogs that the site manager follows for common interests or mutual exchange of links, but it is actually any link pointing to your site that comes from forums, websites or social networks.

More coming soon so stay tuned.

I will be sharing more detail in my future posts on how to manage these on-page and off-page SEO factors. In my future posts, I will also be sharing best ways to improve your online reputation and ranking on search engines, particularly on Google.

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