How to Hire a SEO company after Google latest algorithm update

GetPromoted is a leading SEO company and our clients never suffer from Google Algorithm Changes because of our ethical and prompt strategy. A website is beneficial only when it is in the top results in SERPs. Selection of right keywords, right content, and right target market is very important so that website always get found in search results as one of the highest traffic getting websites.

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This can be possible only with the help of professional and expert SEO services offered by experienced SEO Company. Success of your website and online business completely depends on the expertise of the SEO Company you are going to hire. A wrong selection may prove to be a debacle for you. As SEO market is very dynamic and no one can predict what is going to happen next, no company can ensure you the first rank in some days. But by hiring a good SEO Company, you can ensure success of your website up to a level and can easily Get Promoted in competitive online market.

Spotting a good SEO company is not that easy in a market full of the internet marketers claiming to be the best. Here are some tips that will help you spot a good and a bad SEO Company. These points will help you spot right company.

Things you should remember while visiting a SEO Company:

Ask about the results in monetary terms: Don’t visit the company that only talks of providing you high rankings. Ask them about revenue also.

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  1. Make your business goals clear: Talk to the company about your business goals and then ask them whether they will be able to align their SEO strategies with your business goals and will be able to help you achieve your goals or not.
  2. Quality of links: Don’t get lured by the high number of links the company talks of providing. Rather ask about the quality of the links they will provide you and how they will help you get high rankings in search engine. The links created for you should be of high quality and from good sites, which you feel proud to show to your customers and business partners.
  3. Lead generation: Do confirm whether the SEO strategies used by the SEO company you are hiring will generate leads for you or not. SEO and good traffic is not going to give any benefit until you get increased sales from your investment on SEO.

About the author:

Author, Nitin Jain is the CEO of GetPromoted, leading web design and SEO Company based in Gurgaon.

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