How to write awesome content the expert way easily

Noble Samurai describes these methods as content martial art, designed to put in positive energy in content creation.

Content writing

What gets you to win in the INTERNET? The answer simply points to your ability to communicate with the virtual crowd. You have to know the pulse of your target audience well to be able to reach out and establish a bond. The reader must feel enriched with valuable information through your content. Now, since the majority of communication online is textual (the other mediums being video communication and infographics), establishing a virtual connection with your audience essentially summarizes to a single aspect of online promotion.

You need to create killer content!

What does it kill exactly? Consider the elimination of doubts and confusion. Also, since your content intends to fortify positive user experience, add negativity to the list of victims of communication through text. A well written article, blog post, guest post, or web content can immediately hit the bull’s eye of getting positive reader attention. Ensure that what you are jotting down is accurately informative, has great flow, and entertains the reader in an interesting conversation. So much so, that the reader feels inclined to continue the conversation through personally connecting with you. The audience should genuinely feel interested in establishing a virtual bond through buying from your website.

Content writing

Here are 7 pro tips to get the work done.

Brainstorm sessions
  1. Record Brainstorming Sessions – Remember that feeling when you wake up from sleep only top sense the dreams fleeting into forgetfulness within minutes? Well, that’s almost akin to the feeling of discussion great ideas during brainstorming only to forget most of them later on. You cannot record dreams, but you can always use your smartphone or laptop to record brainstorming sessions! The recordings can also be used as podcasts, which are great when sharing your idea or preparing the guidelines to develop content.
  2. Discover Positive Energy Anchorage – We also call this our gold nugget method. The point is to find out those sparkling, shining, brilliant thought seeds that can develop into a brilliant tree of idea on explorations. These energy points anchor your reader’s attention to your content. Just a brief Google research can lead you to find the key energy points to engage your visitor. Use these points to their best. Software such as FREE MIND and Mind Node can be useful in mapping these ideas
  3. Practice Personal Presentation – Try to plan on a small event to present your ideas in front of an audience. The positive pressure of connecting well and engaging in communication would eventually lead you to develop a very engaging article. Study and proofread your piece, keeping in mind the subtle personal connections you want to establish between your website and the audience. Enjoy the free flow of ideas. Also record your presentation for later use as podcasts, blog posts, or audio reference.
  4. Interview Target Audience – Develop a survey for the target audience. Send out interview mailers to a list of target audience. From the responses you get, you would be surely able to get the best ideas on your audience’s perspective.
  5. Questions
  6. Encourage Questions from Readers – This is probably the easiest mind reading trick. Just let the reader tell you what he/she is thinking through a conspicuous Ask Us or ˜Contact Us section in your website. Treat the questions you receive with the importance of high potential leads. These ideas can also help in developing content.
  7. Reviewing Relevant Products – Do not compromise on this. Make it a point to actually buy and use the product to write a review about it. A review does not have to be all positive. Be honest, but do not harp on the disadvantages. Readers are looking for an honest, information-rich experience. If you have to write the disadvantages, put stress on how they are inconsequential in purview of the various strong positive points.
  8. Open Up with personal experiences – Open up with your personal experiences (both positive and negative). When you are honest in your approach, you find people also sharing similar experiences with you. In fact, this can be a great opportunity to establish long term valuable connections with your target audience. Sharing the lessons of failure can be the best way to transform it to success. Your audience will keep you in mind if you can inspire them to get past obstacles.

About the recorded ideas, jot them down to written material. You can also get other writers and editors to create content from the recordings. You can use the GetPromoted for hiring the best people in the content writing field. If you want quality video transcription, do not hesitate from hiring services charging $40-$50/hour. They are definitely better than the $5/hour deal.