iPhone 5 iOS 5 app Development & Developer Services

With lots of features iPhone Development with iOS 5 latest version of iPhone has become world’s one of the most advanced operating system. The latest version of iPhone 5 with iOS 5 app development is expected to be launched with more than 200+ new characteristics. It also has most updated SDK, more than 1500 new APIs and great development tools. With advent of iOS 5 iPhone 5 is expected to be quicker and smoother.

iOS 5, world’s most advanced operating system for iPhone 5 has numerous features. It is beneficial for iPhone developers as well, because advantages of iCloud Storage, Core Image, GLKit, Game Center and Newsstand Kit APIs allow app developers to develop custom iOS 5 application.

Here is quick look at some of the features:
  1. Notification Center: The most advanced operating system provides users all kinds of notifications like email, friend requests, texts and many other notifications on their iOS device.
  2. Newsstand: With iOS5 app in iPhone app 5 users can also organize their magazine and newspaper app subscription in Newsstand. Newsstand is a folder that allows users to access their favorite publications faster and easily.
  3. Reminders: iOS 5 won’t let you forget any important event, meeting or other activity. You just have to jot down the reminder on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. With reminders you can easily manage to-do lists and compete with hectic schedules.
  4. Safari: the new app offers more web-browsing options to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. With Safari Readers you can read your favorite content without distractions.
  5. PC Free: iOS 5 removes the requirement of PC to possess an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Users have easy option to activate and set up their devices wirelessly.
  6. Game Center: The amazing gaming features of iOS 5 have made it world’s one of the most popular gaming platforms.
  7. Multitasking signals for iPad: Now you can get around on your iPad even quicker and all this is possible with the multitasking gestures and shortcuts in the iOS5. Its very easy to use. Users can swipe up to open the multitasking bar only by using four fingers. After this they just need to pinch to go back to home screen and in order to change between apps they have to swipe left or right.

iOS5 for iPhone Developers

The amazing features like updated SDK and more than 1,500 APIs make iOS 5 App Development and iPhone 5 development exciting for professional iPhone developers. It also offers features of iCloud Storage, Game Center APIs, Safari, Core Image and many other such features.

In new iOS 5 app the iPhone app developers will find application frameworks with numerous improvements across many development frameworks including Media Player, UIKit, Event Kit, OpenAL, Core Foundation, Map Kit and Security.

With iCloud that have huge potential to develop new iPhone apps to enhance usability of iPhone 5, iOS5 development seems to be more powerful than ever. It has made it easy to hire expert iPhone developers and iOS developers.