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Successful online marketing means targeting the right customers when they are searching for products or services that you sell. Landing pages for products and services are a great way to convert your visitors to customers. Landing pages highlight the most important aspects at a glance in a short and crisp manner.

If someone searches directly for special information (such as ‘Technical support in New York’) then he has mostly completed the information acquisition mode and is mostly looking for the best service provider. Such visitors, we should no longer with unnecessary information unnecessarily keep away from the most important, that is, booking an order.

Landing Page Design
GetPromoted specializes in designing landing pages that go right where your customer is psychologically and mentally, to pick up the visitor practically where he stands.

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Most important components of a lead-optimized Landing Page:

  1. Headline with the most important advantages for the customer
  2. Product images - Images provide a quick recognition value (“a picture is worth a thousand words”). If it is a service, you can always use a picture of the "target group" (such as women, seniors, managers) who are smiling and satisfied on the picture. "Smiling people" with whom one can identify is always a good psychological "sales knit". Infographics and factual diagrams are also great tools to get your message across.  
  3. Teaser -Further advantages including a short list of the most important features. Try to keep this limited to a maximum of 5 points. People love short descriptions since these can be read easily and thus can be captured.
  4. Call to action – This is most important and should be repeated more than once across the page. Call to actions consist of an attractive liner to move the prospective buyer to an immediate purchase, such a temporary action ("if you order now you get 10% discount), as well as the actual "Order button". Tell your visitors what you expect from them and what your visitors can expect from them.
  5. Page Load Speed – It is important that the page loads fast on laptops, desktops and mobile phones. A slow page will lead to visitors leaving the page before it gets properly loaded to capture the lead.
  6. Mobile Optimized – The landing page has to without any issues on mobile devices. I have seen some excellent pages fall flat on mobile devices. GetPromoted designs landing pages that look stunning on all devices.
  7. Last but not least, it is possible to build up more trust with the visitor using well-known media / logos (e.g. TV stations, newspaper logos, test results, seal of quality), and customer testimonials. Trust is not what you can achieve within seconds, but it is an important decision-making criterion. For this reason, these quality seals can help in gaining a certain basic trust of the visitors.

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