How to do List Building with Social Media

Are you looking to build your emailing list and subscriber list? 

Did you know there are two social media websites that can help you build your list with the relevant audience?

I'm not talking about Facebook or Twitter. These 2 social media channels are often ignored by marketers. What they don't realize is that they are missing on a premier audience by ignoring these channels.

Social Networking

Social Networking can get you good traffic.

Social Traffic is your next best source for achieving massive traffic.

All of these social media traffic sources are top of the line and have been used by many great marketers before me. Some I have learned from others I have learned on my own and some I have combined from old techniques and tactics from a long time ago. There are other traffic sources in addition to Google, Facebook and Twitter. I am not saying you don’t work on improving the ranking of your website.

In fact, I recommend that any new site you're trying to build that you do optimize it with SEO to rank it for different high volume keywords. It will rank eventually. However, you can't rely on that alone for traffic.

It takes time to build that traffic for the long term, but it's highly recommended to do what you can to be able to get more traffic for right now.

These social networks I am going to show you are all worth investing your time into.

Each one is different and unique. There are certain things you need to know about each one, and I'll be giving you the lowdown on using them to the best of your ability.

Let's get straight into it:

Find What You Want To Lead Traffic To

  1. Understand that some of these social networks work best for different ways of making money.
  2. One works best for CPA while another works best primarily for affiliate marketing.
  3. What matters most is that you are completely ready to embark on these sources.

I'll make sure to make a note of it at the top of each section explaining which method this type of traffic works best for.

Social Media Site #1

Reddit has been talked about MANY times before and the main reason why I continue to talk about it is because of how reliable the site is. Reddit has millions upon millions of users who are extremely proactive on what they share.

reddit login

When something is shared on Reddit, it can be seen by tons of people at one point.I like fast and quick. Therefore, I am going to just jump right into this. No fluff, no extras.


Sign up, you'll see the homepage. You won't be posting straight to the front page. Don't post just anything right away. Subreddits are a part of the community. It's a little way to help separate what you're posting to everything else.

Choose any Subreddit that you feel would best suit your specific niche. Whatever it is, just try to find a niche as close to your specific niche as possible.

You'll come to find that on Reddit people spam a lot.

In each subreddit, you'll find that there are several rules to follow. PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW ALL THE RULES FOR THAT SPECIFICSUBREDDIT.

Most people can get banned, and sadly, marketers who spam this place end up failing and believe that Reddit doesn't work. Trust me it works. But only if you do it right.Follow every single rule you see on the site. Do Not Spam.

What Do You Share On Reddit? - Your Own Site's Content

I highly recommend going this way because you're going to get people straight to your site. It could be an article or a blog post. Make sure to use a good title to convince people to check your article out.

One unique strategy I have used for the past few months is sharing a YouTube video. The thing with YouTube videos is that most people like anything newsworthy or even if it isn't a YouTube video shows that something is credible in a sense.

I did this with a famous youtube video that once went viral. One that wasn't too viral but still pretty famous, and I downloaded the video to my computer and uploaded it to a new youtube account.I shared it on Reddit. The video got about 25,000 views in a matter of days.

The video had an affiliate link in the description. It was for a program in the same niche. Since it was an extreme sports type of video, I had led it to an extreme sports type of product about learning about extreme sports. I also changed it a few times with CPA links for vacations in different hotspots.YouTube videos are the way to go in my opinion.


If you want to go for it again make sure to use another account. Do not abuse the site, however. You don't want to get caught posting similar content.

Understand that you can get banned almost immediately. I highly recommend reading any other article you can find an out Reddit and their system. I am not entirely the world's best expert on using this specific site, but I do know that if you post something worthwhile, people will take notice.

To get upvotes, which is the definition of what people do to upvote your post, you just need to share something that is interesting.There isn't so much to share about getting upvotes except being very creative with your posts and sharing things that are valuable and interesting.

ALWAYS read through the current most active threads going on to get a taste for what the people in your niche are interested in the most.Making a post is beyond easy. It's very self-explanatory to submit a link. You should see the
the chance to submit a post on the top right made pending on the page you are currently on.

The "Title" of your post is the most important of the entire thing. You need a top-notch looking title that grabs the attention of the visitors. So keep this interesting.Don't forget to click on that subreddit you want to submit the post.


I have spoken about Instagram before but I'm going to give you a fast-paced open idea you could use for fast traffic from Instagram. Try this technique and you will GET tons of traffic to any CPA offer or list building squeeze page with ease.

  1. You already know how many people are on Instagram.
  2.  I don't need to convince you to use this social media app.
  3. It's filled with famous people and users who enjoy being active on the site.

What's interesting about Instagram is that there is a simple way to succeed with it. It's fairly easy, to be honest.When you download the app create an interesting username. Signing up is very easy and very self-explanatory.

Step 1 : Start Uploading Photos:

Take any famous meme or photo. You can find a ton of Instagram alone by searching memes. You can screenshot the photo to your phone and re-upload it as your own or you could re-post using different re-post apps on your phone.

Once it is uploaded you can put any type of message in the description, but anything that really leads them to check your profile link is the most important.

If you are in the fitness niche, for example, you could write something like "Want to get a free eBook on losing 15 pounds in 30 days without hitting the gym? Check out my profile link" Make sure a TinyURL is up there of your CPA offer or list building site.

Step 2 - Getting people to see your page:

The way to getting the traffic is by two things: hashtags and likes.Let's start with

Hashtags: Put as many relevant tags in your photo description. Put as many as you can. You can put dozens of hashtags in the description and even in
your comments. If you have a fitness list you want to build, your set of hashtags could be: "fitness, lose weight fast,
weight loss, lose weight, workouts, healthy living, etc" Just put as many as you can that is relevant.


The second thing to do is to "like" EVERY picture that you see in those hashtags. Out of 10 people, you like about 2-3 will look at your profile. Just head to those hashtags, like every picture you see, and they'll most likely check your page out and even visit your bio link. If you could spend a long hour just liking photos, you'll have TONS of people
checking your site out.

If you do this every day for one account, and maybe even do multiple accounts at once, you may end up with more than enough traffic you can get. With the hashtags alone, you could gain so much traffic alone.

What's nice about all of these different forms of social media is that it requires very little upkeep or maintenance to make them all work together. If you put an hour into each one effectively, you'll be well on your way to succeeding and getting traffic.

Internet networking


The way to doing anything automated is to hire somebody but is don't recommend that unless you have already used this method effectively. My best recommendation is to really take your time and make money first before hiring somebody.

Is the traffic consistent?

Like I said on the sales page this blog post is meant to help give you a way to getting fast traffic. Make sure that you are using other traffic sources as well. Think of these as a supplementary addition to the traffic you're already getting.

However, if you do these techniques alone they DO work very effectively on their own.

I have built campaigns from zero visitors to consistently getting visitors by using some of these tricks and strategies.


Google Facebook, Twitter are a good  source for quality traffic but there are 2 other social media websites that you can user to increase your website traffic in 2018. They are Instagram and Reddit. You can utilize the steps and tips given in this post to maximize your reach on these 2 websites. Would you like to add more websites that can help pull social traffic media in 2018? Do leave your feedback or comments below. 

Happy List Building!