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Citation Submission - Increase your Local Rankings 

Building citations is one of the best proven local SEO technique used by SEO specialists to get good rankings on local keywords. However, most enterprises and SEO agencies fail to take advantage of citations because they don’t follow the guidelines for effective citation submission. GetPromoted has managed many citations and local directory submissions over the past few years and we have consistently noticed its positive results on Google My business Local listings and lead generation.

100+ Citation submissions for $50 only!

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All Citation submission is done manually by our SEO technicians. Our policy of following white-hat SEO and approved guidelines has helped us in exceeded expectations when it comes to our manual citation submission services.

Citations in local directories are "mentions" in the name of your company, its address and other information such as your opening hours and services offered. Citation websites are usually associated with a business category in a given city.

An example of a citation could be the Yellow Pages where your business is listed. It can also be an association of local companies where you can find information about your company.

Referencing in the local directories of the web is the other term used for “citations". Citations are one of the elements to improve your SEO on Google My Business, Yahoo and Bing. In most cases, if your company has a large number of citations, you can expect a better position in the search engines than a competitor with fewer citations, but this is just a theory. One of the most important elements for local SEO is to use Google MyBusiness as a citation element.

Manual Citation submissions for $50 only!

Contact us at nj@getpromoted.in before buying this package.

Well-established, well-indexed and well-rated directory citations by search engines (such as Yellow Pages) help increase the validity of your company's information. Citations ensure that your business is part of a professional community, in a particular category, for example a bakery, a lawyer, an architect or a website designing agency.

Thorough verification of registration data

The data you put in the citation listing will allow search engines to provide answers in geo-targeted searches. Search engines will have trouble verifying the existence of your business without the presence of correct NAP information (name, address and phone numbers). It is important to correctly publish the current contact information related to your business. This information must remain consistent on all important citation websites.

Appropriate citation websites

There are thousands of websites available for mentioning your business. It's important to choose the best one. Relevant listings in these websites will not only help you expand the visibility of your business , but will also enhance the assurance of major search engines in the existence of your business. Citations from authoritative portals will help you gain a leading position in the competitive local search market. On the other hand, if you list your business in a non-related website or in the wrong category, it will not give a good impression about your website and it will harm your local SEO campaign as well.

Deleting identical or erroneous citations

You may have mentioned your business multiple times in a single online directory. This will create double quotes for your business. These identical lists may be misleading to users and may include incorrect and old information. Due to the transfer of data from one site to another, this erroneous information, if it goes back to Google, could negatively affect the local ranking of your company. It is, therefore wise to remove these errors as often as possible.

Get manual submissions on local directories for $50 only!

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External Backlinks

The links you earn from external websites are as important as the citations placed on a well-indexed website. These links increase the visibility of your local search. In local SEO, you must rely on links from other websites similar to yours. Local directories can function as a useful resource in this task.

Authentic customer reviews

Reviews will help you create a positive impact on your local business rankings. The reviews published on reliable search engines will help you attract potential customers since reputed as a reliable company. This rating can also help you stand out from your competitors. If you have a website, you can create a page that will give instructions to your customers to place comments on your business.

Submissions related to the sector of activity and the place of activity

It is important to build citations specific to the city and area where you operate. You can join local networking groups or a chamber of commerce. You can be listed in the specific business listings of the neighborhood where you are located or contact local contractors to guarantee your business by mentioning it on their websites.

100+ Citation submissions for $50 only!

Activities on social media

Increasing your social media activity will help you reach local customers, bloggers and the press. This type of platform will help you share your ideas with many people and inform others of events or special offers. They will help you create and maintain local relationships for the successful growth of your business.

In the world of SEO, citations are used to verify your business’s name and address on other web pages. Citations are extremely useful for growing your local business. If you a website for your business, citations on well-indexed local websites will help you build your credibility. If a well-established portal mentions the name of your company, it will inform popular search engines of the categorization and contact information of your company. Use GetPromoted's citation building services to you improve your local SEO rankings.

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Terms & Conditions

  • All submissions are done manually. However, we cannot guarantee live links on all websites.
  • You will need to provide us a business email with password, your company URL, complete address, description, phone number and other details as needed in our requirement sheet.
  • In case you feel there is any issue with the above, email us at nj@getpromoted.in before buying this package!
  • Violence, Nudity, Crypto Currency and any such businesses are not allowed.
  • Refund – To avoid any issues, email us at nj@getpromoted.in before buying this package.
  • This package does not cover cleaning up existing citations. An additional $100 will be charged for cleanup and validation of existing citations if any. If you have more than 50 existing citations, this package is probably not for you. You need our Citation Cleanup package. Contact us at nj@getpromoted.in for more details.