Social Media Success tips for Startups

Many start ups or small organizations cannot afford expensive Social Media Managers to manage their social media campaigns. Social Media optimization is not as tough as some people project it to be. You can follow these simple steps to start your own social media campaign and make a decent impact. With these Social Media Success tips for Startups, you can help your startup business in making an impact on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Accounts.

Claim your Brand name

I have come across my business owners who said they don’t need Social Media, only to regret later when they found out that accounts with their brand name have already been claimed by someone else! Even if you don’t plan to use your brands twitter handle, it is strongly recommended that you create accounts on major social networks to keep others from grabbing your preferred user handle.

In the long run this will help you messaging and help users find you more easily. Beyond your brand name and image ensure the voice of your content is consistent as well.

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What to post on Social Media Channels?

This is a most common question any business owner has. Most owners find it hard to find topics to post. Here’s an easy tip to help you get content ideas. How you started your business can help you major in your initial ideas about the content you share across social networks.

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You can also share links to newly published content including blog posts, product announcements and more. Therefore,it is advised to create a content calendar, guiding you as to when and where you should be ensuring you to cover everything you need to when you when you need to.

Let’s consider an example, if we were opening a T-Shirt store to the public for the first time we certainly want to get the word out across the social media.

  • We publish information on our website or blog first.
  • Then we link to this content on social networks to bring interested people back to the site.
  • We can start our fan page on Facebook, encourage people on twitter to sign for notifications or share pictures of our products on Pinterest.
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Watch out for duplicate posting

Publishing duplicate contents would signal users that they do not need to follow you across multiple networks so don’t make that mistake, mix it up.

If you already written a bunch of content take behind the pictures or videos of your product, your team, locations whatever else might be interesting and post it on a network like Instagram or YouTube. Be imaginative, improve yourself in your shoes of your fan and customers.

What would they like to see, hear and read about when it comes to your company and products? But don’t feel like you have to jump into every platform all at once, try to figure out where all these pieces fit in your strategy can’t be overwhelming, so map it out.

A Phased Approach to Social Media Posting

Consider a phased approach where you start by establishing presence on two or three platforms, build up a following then promote new initiatives on other networks.

However, what you must keep in mind at all times is what you hope to accomplish from these efforts. Whether it be sales, exposure followers or some other matric. Your goal must be reflected in your strategy, as you roll out content or campaign you must monitor the results to figure out what works best and what doesn’t.

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Keep in mind that certain goals like sales or newsletters sign ups may not be possible on Facebook or twitter pages. So always drag them back to your site and make the reward worth the while.

My account has few followers, what now?

As you begin to get followers on your site and social networks, you may find new ways to effectively communicate.

Responding to post on Facebook or replies on your blog for example are great ways to share information that relates directly to your user needs, but also sure one very important and useful aspect that you are listening.

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To make social-media truly social, conversations must take place.

Today’s marketing strategy are dependent upon two-way communication between a company and its users. If users believe a company is not listening, they may assume they don’t care and the level of trust and faith the users have in them is products as well its future may suffer.

A common mistake a company usually makes is the push only approach using social platforms simply as another publishing channel. Tweet after tweet, your post after post of the same type of content, sometimes duplicate content will make it look like you are not paying attentions. Avoid this approach at all cost.

Communities truly grow when you take the time to listen and respond and fasten environment where users can speak among themselves, many social networks already provide this kind of open communication.

It’s important to allow different sites and issue related to your company, to be heard and explored. Remember innovation is hardly ever generated by keeping the status claw.

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Customers and clients will be truly passionate about what you do or what you provide will share their thoughts and sometimes they may be may be of critical what you do. Sometimes these conversations may result in some awkward perhaps contentious exchange in a short term, they can lead to a long term positive and well communication from all.

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Authenticity and transparency are key, clear message from people within the company will help communication and build trust. With the help of tips above, you will surely succeed in getting a good start on the Social Media Channels and improving your Social Media Presence.

You don’t have to reveal all your secrets, you just have to be yourself and listen well. Be professional and open minded and in return your community of users will become more connected and be willing to support you as you grow.

We hope with these Social Media Success tips for Startups are beneficial for you in your Social Media Campaign. Do share your feedback and how we can add more tips to this post.