Proven Tips for Writing a Blog

Blog writing is a way of interaction to be successful on social media. A blog should be very interactive and descriptive. Only an interactive blog can gather attention of the readers and can produce traffic to your blog. Blogging got popularity in late 1990s when many social networking sites came into the cyber world. Blogging is the most significant way for every business to be popular on social networking market.

Blog Writing tips

To get desired results, your blog should be interactive. Here are some key features that can help you to make your blog more attractive so that it can perform according to its full potential.

  1. Collect Comments - After completing your post, ask visitors to share their opinions, ideas and suggestions about the post. It will surprisingly increase your blog's visibility and comments.

  2. Provide Easy Comments - Allow visitors to comment on your post easily. Don't ask for a long information form to fill. Asking for email, name and webpage URL is enough. Commenting without captcha can be a good option for easy posting.

  3. Signatures -You can allow your visitors to add their signature with the URL. Signature will attract more visitors to view your post and get backlink by commenting you back.

  4. Share and Share more - Share your blog's link to all your accounts on social networking sites and ask your fans, followers and friends to share your link with their friends, fans and followers. For this, you can take help of many social media plug-ins that are available free on the internet.

  5. Reply to Comments - Always try to be a part of the conversation. Give response to the people's comments regularly. Thank the visitors for their comments.

  6. Comment on others - Try to be a part of conversation on other good quality blogs and share your ideas with the people. It will help you to attract more visitors to your blog again and again for further interaction.
  7. Keep eye on Competitor  - Keeping eyes on your competitor's blog will tell you what your competitors are doing with their blogs and see what things make them popular.

  8. Don't accept all comments -You should not allow spammers to post on your blog. Keep a close look at the comments and approve only helpful and good comments.

  9. Provide quality Links - Always try to provide a good quality and helpful links. Good resources and information make interactive and attract more and more visitors.

  10. Keep Updating - Update your blog regularly. Without regular and consistent updating, people may lose interest by seeing the same posts every time they visit. Try to make a schedule for updation.

  11. Post Polls - Post polls on current and hot topics and ask people for their opinions. You can offer some free gifts to the participants. People always like to share their opinion on public interest issues.

  12. Games and Contests - Add games and contests to give your blog a little more excitement. People love competing and winning prizes.

  13. Schedule the Events - You can provide an event calendar to your blog so that people can see all the activity your blog has to offer. It will help to add their reasons for coming back to your blog.

  14. Build Trust- Do not hesitate in discussion. Open up to your visitors and let them get to know you. Do not hide yourself, people will not trust on you.

Blog WordPress Writing

Most of us suffer from writers block at one point or another. Producing fresh content starts becoming a daunting task. Following the above tips for blog writing, you can easily create engaging content for your posts. Good content will not only get you more visitors, but it will help your blog in getting good rankings on search engines.


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