Proven Tips to Increase Your Domain’s Alexa Ranking 

Many websites owners want to increase their website’s Alexa ranking. Here are few proven tips that will help you increase your website's Alexa rank. These simple tips will help you increase Alexa rank of your domain.

An Alexa ranking can impact the way investors and advertisers see the value of your business. It is used as a public metric for others to see a summary of your website’s performance. Alexa tracks links and the amount of visitors to your site and ranks them relative to other sites.

Alexa ranking of your website is based on the number of unique visitors to your website, page views, visitor bounce rate, page load time and many other factors.

For example, Google has the most visitors and is ranked number 1. Sites on the other end of the spectrum can have zero visitors and rank in the millions.

Alexa Ranking Boost

Alexa ranking an important metric because advertisers can check this ranking over another ranking. This is similar to checking to checking page rank or domain authority. Advertisers want to see how many visitors are actually on your site.

Install Alexa Toolbar

Alexa Toolbar

You can install the Alexa toolbar on your browser. Alexa toolbar is a handy tool as it starts showing your visits to your site. This can be a huge boost for those who have a ranking of over a million. Basically, it’ll get you on the board. Alexa will start to register that your site exists.

Download Alexa Toolbar

Alexa Widget

Another tool to help your ranking is the Alexa widget, which will track hits to your site. Not all your visitors will have the Alexa toolbar on their browser, so this will help register the people who visit your site.

Alexa Widget Installation

SEO Optimized Content

When you’re posting to your website, consider your SEO carefully. This is what will bring in traffic that can be registered through the Alexa widget. The higher in the search engine your content is, the more visitors you’ll get to your site. That will be reflected in your Alexa ranking.

Here’s a useful post on creating SEO Content.

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Update Content Frequently

Nobody likes a stale blog and Alexa is no exception. For getting higher Alexa rankings, you should regularly publish new content on your website or blog. You should also update existing content on your website to keep it updated. This will also help in getting you visitors.

Include an article about Alexa ranking on your blog

Strange as it may sound, many bloggers have actually witnessed a jump in their ranking after publishing an article on how to increase Alexa ranking. Giving a good rating and a backlink to Alexa, will give Alexa more confidence about your domain.

Stay active on social networks

This is indirectly related to getting more traffic. The more active you are, the more chances of unique page visits arise. Therefore, posting useful and insightful information on Social Media along with your website links will also help in increasing Alexa ranking in 2016.

Get Backlinks

Quality backlinks not only help in Alexa ranking but also in Google rankings. You can do Guest Blogging, Email campaigns or sponsorships to increase backlinks. Stay away from mass backlinking services, they will do more harm than good.

I have myself implemented there steps and I have already seen a good jump in Alexa rankings of my website and few of my clients websites. I hope this useful guide on how to improve Alexa ranking in 2016 helps you in increasing your rank as well.

quality backlinks

I would love to hear more ideas you might have or if anyone has any queries or needs any assistance, please feel free to leave comments below.