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GetPromoted is a trustworthy SEO company providing services to companies from all over the world for more than 8 years now. Promotion of a website with SEO is the greatest way to direct sound traffic to website. This is possible only when done with the right approach. This requires professional approach and sound knowledge of SEO and that’s the reason many search engine optimization companies are there in the market offering online marketing services. So many SEO companies create problem of selection of a trustworthy SEO company.

Selection of a trustworthy SEO company plays a vital role in online marketing, because a minor mistake in SEO may end up getting your website banned in search engines. A reliable SEO company should also be able to help the website owner in understanding the website optimization. Websites and your business may have to suffer huge losses because a wrong step taken by the SEO company. That’s why it’s wise to hire a trustworthy SEO company to promote your website.

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Here are some tips on choosing a trustworthy SEO company for the right and ethical promotion of your website.

  1. Reputation Of The Company- Don’t just believe on the huge promises made by the SEO Company. Don’t hesitate in asking for references. Read out what other say about the company. Company blogs, SEO communities, forums and reviews about the company can be good source of information. You will find positive things only about a trustworthy SEO company. Our years of experience and high class SEO services helped us get strong reputation in IT.
  2. Company’s Relations With Clients- Company’s reliability can also be judged with the company’s relations with its clients. A reliable company gives more preference to long term relationship over earning quick money. These companies don’t hesitate in educating their clients to help them make knowledgeable decisions. You will find educational content on their websites to help clients understand the search engine.
  3. Result Oriented- Most of the SEO companies promise a lot to their clients just to get the contracts. But their work and results tell the complete reality. A reliable SEO company will prove its worth with its results. You can ask the SEO Company to show you their previous projects they have worked on and the accomplishments they have achieved. The results of their previous projects can help you get an idea about their work and their competency. A result oriented company will never make big promises rather its accomplishments will speak for the company.
  4. Level of Services the Company Provides- Customer services provided by the SEO Company are very important part of a company’s reputation. Before hiring a SEO company look at the respond company gives to the clients. Find out whether the company responds to the emails, does it spend time to follow up with your queries and how they react in opposite situations. These aspects can help you select a trustworthy SEO company.
  5. Professionalism- Representatives of a reliable SEO company can never be rude to their clients. They will never lie to their clients and will always deliver trustworthy information in their reports. A trustworthy SEO company keeps its clients interest ahead and strives hard to boost their search engine rankings and level of traffic in a short span of time.
  6. Reporting- A trustworthy SEO Company will always provide you the reports and regular updates of the activities taken out to promote your website. These reports can be weekly or monthly depending upon the package they have opted for. As search engine optimization is an activity done over a period of time, regular reports play important role for the clients. provides regular reports to its clients with the positive changes in the results. If clients want some changes we allow them to bring it to our notice and give their suggestions.
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In this competitive market it’s very important that you decide on a trustworthy SEO company that not only helps you achieve your goals but also provides you increased ROI. Hire a SEO company using ethical methods to promote your business, because ethical SEO methods are always beneficial. is a leading Digital Marketing Agency providing ethical online marketing services. We are based in Gurgaon, near Delhi, India.