What is a LinkedIn LION?

A 'Lion', as per LinkedIn dictionary, means Linked In Open Networker. A LION is open to networking and rarely uses the I Don’t Know(IDK) rule of LinkedIn. LIONs believe in open networking and bridge the networks of closed people. They work on the approach that you connect with me and I will connect with you and together we will help each other.

LinkedIn Lion

LIONs do not follow the rule of saying “I Don’t Know” for the request received from an unknown person whom we have never met. So usually LIONs accept every invite and if not at least they will not give you “I Don’t Know” as response. This feature of LIONs makes it easy for you to invite any LION that you come across while doing Advanced Search in your network.

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LION does not use IDK for any invitation, does not mean that there is any rule made by any authority and they will be penalized if they respond with “IDK”. They can also use “I Don’t Know” as their response to any invite if they wish. This means, though it is quite safe to invite a LION, this does not give you any guarantee that you will not be responded with and “I Don’t Know”. So, it’s important that before sending invitation to any LION you should review his/her profile and other details to make sure whether they are really interested in your invitation or not.

Because of the rules of LinkedIn many people think that LinkedIn does not like LIONs. It could be there and that’s the reason LinkedIn shows only 500 connections per person and has set the limit of the invitations you can send. This can be there because LinkedIn wants to have a community of professional people with high quality and trustworthy networks with least number of people getting spammed. LinkedIn provides the option of saying “I Don’t Know” to turn down any request or connection, just because it wants its people to know each other while connecting with each other.

The answer to the question of doubtful people is that LinkedIn does not discourage LIONs. Proof of this is the recent approval of LinkedIn to LION groups to be present on LinkedIn. Now LION groups can be searched easily in group section and can be joined with an ease. Though, they have some limits of number of connections they can have and number of invitations they can send.

DO LIONS Get Higher Rankings when people search by Name on Linkedin?

More connections definetly help in getting a slight jump in rankings on LinkedIn. However, it is not the only factor that will gurantee high ranking. LinkedIn has gone through a major UI overhaul recently and they have done some changes in their search algorithms as well. You need to be active and your posts need to be engaging to get good rankings.

In conclusion, we can say that LinkedIn might have discouraged LIONs earlier, but now they are in favor of LIONs. As a LinkedIn user it’s our duty as well to follow the rules of etiquette, an Agreement of term and conditions that we accept at the time of signing up. LinkedIn’s intension is not to discourage any group or community, it has just made its rules to save people from the problem of spamming and make LinkedIn a standard platform for profession people to get connected. You can become LION just by adding LION in your description but don’t forget to follow LinkedIn’s rules.

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