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Become the best version of yourself. These 6 guides will help you become super productive. We have analyzed and shortlisted the best and most effective techniques for you to beat procrastination.  


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The science behind procrastination

> The brain of a procrastinator

> Why do we procrastinate

> The fight or flight response

Manage your time, manage your life

> The three steps to stop procrastination

> 6 signs of chronic procrastination

How procrastination can destroy your life

> The "Escape" mechanism of brain

> The 4 reason procrastination can be devastating

How highly successful individuals overcome procrastination

What makes them exceptional?

Book Excerpt

Procrastination Killer

Procrastination is a harsh term that gets thrown around and disrespected. The truth is that everyone does it, and everyone wishes that they could figure out how to complete their work faster while still providing the highest quality. This book will guide you through all the positive and negative results that come from procrastination. It will also show you better ways on how to complete an assignment after postponing it for so long.

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Write Your Enticing Book Title Here