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Website Development Company in Gurgaon

Desktops are passé. It is estimated that India will have 200 million plus smartphone users by the end of 2016. Almost everyone now surfs websites on their smartphones and tablets. Since there is a constraint of display size on mobile devices, there is a different, yet novel approach that is adopted for laying out content and design that is optimized for any screen size, big or small. With the advancement in technology and new devices launching every day, display sizes are evolving. It is important that your website loads well on display of all sizes in a seamless manner.

Responsive Design - One Site that Fits All Devices

Responsive Design of website
Responsive Design of website by getpromoted
website responsive
website responsive by getpromoted


Statistics show that mobile now accounts for more than 25% of traffic that is coming to your website. You risk loosing 1/4th of your potential customers if you don’t have a responsive, ‘mobile-friendly’ design in place. GetPromoted, a bespoke Website Development company in Gurgaon, designs interactive websites that adapt their design and display on all devices, from large HD screens to smartphones. Uncluttered, intuitive design methodology is used by our website designers to ensure that each webpage communicates and appeals to the visitor as intended. This means you can reach out to everyone, on any device, to every potential customer!

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What are the benefits of a mobile-friendly website?

Mobile Friendly Web Design
Mobile Friendly Web Design

While designing websites, we think beyond the conventional desktop layout. You get a website that stands apart in terms of design and user experience (UX) and looks good in both landscape and portrait orientations.

High performance
High performance

What does a website have to do with performance? Well, a lot actually! Our html5 website designers develop websites with page-speed and coding quality in mind.

Cross Browser Compatible
Cross Browser Compatible

GetPromoted is the only Website Design Company in Gurgaon that has the complete Apple device repository for testing websites on actual devices. 

Seamless Width
Seamless Width

We use bootstrap layouts. This ensures the website does not look awkward on any new devices.

Device friendly
Device friendly

We optimize the website for horizontal and vertical mobile view so that the visitors get a optimal browsing experience and they can easily access the information they want on the website.

User centered Design(UCD)
User centered Design(UCD)

In the planning phase, a lot of thought goes into how we can appeal to your website visitors in the most effective way. By performing A/B testing, our design team comes up with a design that is easy to navigate and user-centered. 

What our Customers have to say:
Shane Melaugh

“Lovely website designed by you guys!”

“I'm so happy I choose GetPromoted as my agency I have received so many compliments from my clients for my new website. Keep up the good work."

Ms. Nalini 

Classical Concepts

Shane Melaugh

“Thank you for understanding my urgency and completing my website so fast. The work is top class and I can see the level of detailing you have put even though you were on a very short notice. Top job! ”

Ms. Purva Rakesh

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