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Monitoring how your brand is being mentioned or added on other websites is essential to track your reputation. Online Reputation Management is the next step after Backlink Checking. This list of tools will help you in Brand monitoring in 2018.


Ahrefs is an amazing tool that tremendously helps with off-site optimization. With Ahrefs you can monitor your rankings while you research back links and monitor your back link campaign efforts. Inside Ahrefs you can find out who is writing about the most trending topics in your niche to help you know the type of content to write and what visitors want to read about.

Tool Description

With their crawl report feature you can also regularly test your website for a variety of metrics and help identify some of the most common on-page optimization errors that can result in lower rankings.

Once your website is ranking it’s very important to stay on top of your brand and who is talking about and linking to you. With Ahref alerts you will be notified when someone is talking about you and linking to your website.

✔ Back link checker
✔ Competitor analysis & rankings
✔ Discover trending content in your niche
✔ Track your keyword rankings in real time
✔ Crawl audit
✔ Keyword and brand mention alerts

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Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a tool that helps monitor the web for new content. This Google tool is an easy way to keep track of trending topics, interesting content and new content you were unaware of.

Tool Description

One of the most useful features is scheduled alerts which allows you to specific what type of content you would like to be notified about and how frequently. From an SEO and SMM perspective, this is particularly helpful to stay on top of trends in your industry, be able to share news, know when others are talking about you and find potential content writing and back link opportunities as well.

Put in your company name or your client’s company name to be notified when the name appears on the web. Also put in your competitors to stay on top of what they are doing and to see if you can piggyback on any of their strategies.

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UpCity is an all-in-one SEO and social media marketing software tool designed to help you increase your client’s website traffic and revenue. Serving both local and national markets, UpCity provides both software and services to increase rankings across search engines while managing a business’ online reputation and social media management.

Tool Description

UpCity helps you provide successful SEO campaigns by helping you design your workflow and complete the tasks that matter most.

They will even help you close SEO leads by providing training and even jumping on a sales call if necessary.

✔ Customize your SEO workflow for specific campaigns
✔ Manage your online reputation
✔ Manage multiple social media accounts from one dashboard
✔ Assistance in closing SEO leads
✔ White label reporting
✔ and more

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