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List of best tools for Keyword Suggestion in 2018. The next step after Keyword Difficulty is shortlisting keywords using various tools. These tools will help you in coming up phrase based keywords (also called Long Tail Keywords) and popular keyword variants that your target customers are typing in Search Engines.


Shape your SEO Campaign with a solid start. Use our list of best SEO tools for 2018.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner was created for Google Adwords, however, it is an excellent (and free) keyword traffic estimator. This tool can be used to generate numerous keyword ideas based on your website, your competitors website and any combination of keywords.

Tool Description

The Google Keyword Planner will also group keyword ideas for you and will share suggested keyword bid amounts which can be helpful in determining the most profitable keywords to target for your SEO campaign.

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HitTail is an excellent keyword research too for finding long tail keywords. With this tool you can discover they keywords Google Analytics hides from you under “not provided” at the top of your keyword list. The software will also notify you of new keyword suggestions for you to target.

Tool Description

HitTail is guaranteed to increase your organic search traffic as it helps you identify the keywords you should be targeting. 

This data will help you discover the most profitable keywords and help you rank higher in search engines.

HitTail can even tell you which keywords to target based on your current traffic.

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Keyword Eye

Keyword idea is used to research and identify the best keywords to target for both SEO and PPC campaigns.

Tool Description

This tool will not only give you an idea of what keywords are best for Google but it will tell you what is being searched for on Google, Amazon and YouTube. No keyword research is complete without identifying what competitors are doing to rank for the keywords you’d like to target. Keyword Eye shows trending content for your keywords and what your competitors are linking to.

Optimizing a Website

One hard part of optimizing a website for a particular set of keywords is determining what to write about. Keyword Eye’s question tool helps identify what questions visitors have so you know what to write about and can get more click through with the right content on your site.

✔ Team collaboration (up to 10 members)
✔ Keyword suggestion tool
✔ Competitor research
✔ Question finder (to help with blog post topics)
✔ International keyword results
✔ Cost-per-click data
✔ Trending content

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SEOPressor is a WordPress plugin that helps you to automate many of the SEO and content tasks. With your keywords ready, SEOPressor can help you identify where to place your keywords. SEOPressor covers all important aspects of optimizing a website.

Tool Description

SEOPressor includes:

✔ Keyword optimization engine
✔ Automatic cross linking tool
✔ Targeted meta content
✔ Over optimization warnings
✔ Reminders to use images in SEO efforts
✔ Social microdata formats added
✔ Connect to multiple LSI keywords while writing content
✔ Add rich snippets to your site

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WordTracker is a popular keyword research tool. By entering a keyword or phrase, it will provide a list of related search terms. You can then easily generate additional keyword ideas by clicking on the related search terms to see new combinations.

Tool Description

With WordTracker you can uncover profitable niches and keywords and receive hundreds of suggested keywords to consider. To help you narrow down your keyword list, WordTracker provides you with your competitor’s information so you know which keywords will bring you the best results.
Keyword research tools like this save you a lot of time as they handle the tedious tasks for you so you can move on with ranking your website.

WordTracker is one of the top keyword research tools available today.

✔ Up to 1,000s of keywords
✔ Search locally or globally
✔ Receive competitor data

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