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Quality backlinking is all about link outreach. Link building by contacting bloggers or web administrators directly is an expert SEO activity and links acquired through this method are usually of very high domain authority. You can use this list of tools for link outreach and increase your quality of your backlinks.

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BuzzStream makes link building and outreach and 10x easier.

Tool Description

One of the hardest parts of quality link building is not only identifying the best places to obtain back links from but actually finding the right contact information and knowing what to say when you reach out to a website owner. With BuzzStream you can identify the right sites, keep track of their contact information, see a website’s stats and social metrics, and see when you followed up.

With a click of a button, BuzzStream will show you who has previously promoted you so you know who may do so again and with their advanced search feature you can sort all your back link opportunities to identify those that should be at the top of your list.

✔ Find back link opportunities quickly
✔ Discover contact information easily
✔ Monitor your back link efforts easily from one dashboard

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Link Prospector

Link Prospector is an easy and inexpensive way to identify back link opportunities. Content marketing is essential for driving traffic to a website but if no one knows about your great content it won’t do you any good.

Tool Description

Link Prospector provides 16 different types of reports that are outreach focused to help you quickly identify high quality link building opportunities. These reports include:

✔ Guest post opportunities
✔ Bloggers and writers
✔ Journalists
✔ Active and engaged communities and blogs
✔ Resource links and pages
✔ Organizations
✔ Giveaways and donations
✔ Directories
✔ Commenting and forums
✔ and others

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Outreachr is a tool designed to help you find relevant back link and PR opportunities by connecting you with influencers in your niche. After entering your main keywords and industry, Outreachr will return 1000s of potential opportunities for you to select from.

Tool Description

You’ll be able to easily sort through the influencers based on what is most important to you and view influencer site metrics so you can select the opportunities that are the best match.

Outreachr makes it easy to contact influencers directly from within the dashboard. And your entire team can work together by assigning tasks and making notes as you go.

Plus, look for influencers in over 40 countries.

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