Plugins or SEO extensions are used on webpages to improve the SEO score of the page, both in terms of content and technical issues. We have listed the best plugins that you can use in 2018 to improve the SEO score and indexibility of your page. Use our list of best SEO tools in 2018 to get good ranking.


Clicky is an alternative to Google Analytics. This fremium tool offers some data that isn’t otherwise provided in Google Analytics. All of the website statistics are reported in real time so you know exactly what is happening on your website at all times. All of the metrics are very detailed so you get the best data to help you make new marketing decisions.

Tool Description

One amazing feature is the ability to see what action each individual visitor takes and you can monitor their usage over time. Clicky’s heatmaps help you see where your visitors are clicking but to make it even better, you can also see heatmaps for individual visitors as well.

Clicky includes on-site analytics that allows you to see your real time data directly from a widget on your website (that your visitors can’t see of course). Clicky supports a large variety of software and can monitor analytics across these platforms.

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Link Patrol

Link Patrol is a WordPress plugin that helps to identify any outbound links that could be causing trouble with a website’s rankings.

Tool Description

Link Patrol scans a website and identifies all websites that have been linked to within posts as well as the anchor text that was used. From a single screen, users can add a nofollow tag or strip the link of the URL. With a click of a button, the code is updated.

This tool is particularly helpful for websites with a large amount of content or older websites that would otherwise be very time consuming to go page by page looking for this data.

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MageSEO is a plugin for Magento and helps solve many SEO challenges that Magento sites are faced with. The plugins primary focus is on several technical SEO aspects that are often overlooked, yet can prevent a website from ranking higher.

Tool Description

These aspects include indexing of pagination, layer navigation, and sort pages, as well as session IDs and much more.

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SEOPressor is a WordPress plugin that helps you to automate many of the SEO and content tasks. With your keywords ready, SEOPressor can help you identify where to place your keywords. SEOPressor covers all important aspects of optimizing a website.

Tool Description

SEOPressor includes:

✔ Keyword optimization engine
✔ Automatic cross linking tool
✔ Targeted meta content
✔ Over optimization warnings
✔ Reminders to use images in SEO efforts
✔ Social microdata formats added
✔ Connect to multiple LSI keywords while writing content
✔ Add rich snippets to your site

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Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO plugin is a free WordPress plugin that helps to optimize a webpage for a specific keyword. The plugin asks the webmaster to enter a keyword and will then report back if the keyword was used appropriately on the page.

Tool Description

The Yoast SEO plugin provides a page analysis and not only helps the webmaster write better content but it helps ensure the keyword has been placed in meta tags, title tags, etc. to give the webpage the best chance of ranking highly.
The plugin does also provide some technical functionality as well even goes as far as including XML sitemap functionality.

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