Structured Markup

Structured Markup means adding schema to the code of your website, making it easy for the search engine to understand what the data is about. The most common one is Business Name, Phone Number, Address and Phone Number markup. Structured Markup helps you rank better and adding schema to your code is an effective way to increase Click through rate(CTR).


MozBar is a browser extension that allows you easy access to SEO metrics and data as you browse the web. When doing keyword searches you will see page and domain metrics right on the search results page. Clicking into a particular webpage, various page elements will be displayed at the click of a button as well.

Tool Description

MozBar is a fast way to determine how difficult it is to rank for certain keywords. For local SEO, this tool will also display schema markup which will help to determine if your site is using schema appropriately and if the competition is using schema markup.

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